Havukka cottage

Havukka cottage is for rent on the summertime for shorter and for longer periods. This lakeside cottage is popular especially among couples and peaceful-environment-loving people. Havukka is very intimate, rustic and a traditional Finnish cottage. Havukka is located in a private area with it’s private road and a lake. The yard area is very beautiful and all of the buildings are architecturally divided to surround the natural solid rocks. Havukka cottage consist on three different buildings; main cabin, sleeping “aitta – shack” (Finnish cabins usually have these small different buildings just for sleeping) and sauna. Sauna is heated by wood and it has its own terrace. The main cabin has an open-concept area with two single beds, living room space and a kitchen. There’s also a bathroom with a shower in the main cabin.

There’s a traditional sleeping shack with a double bed right next to the main cabin on top of a beautiful rock.



Main cabin, sleeping shack, sauna and kota (hut)
Terraces in front of the main cabin and sauna
Rowing boat
Stairs uphill to the sleeping shack and downhill towards the sauna
Extraordinary views
Pier, with stairs to the lake
Deep water


Open concept kitchen, living room and kitchen
Bathroom with a shower
Oven, stove
TV, Radio
Two single beds in the main cabin
Double bed in the sleeping shack

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    Havukka cottage is located in Tervasentaipale, Mikkeli. About 15 kilometers from the centrum of Mikkeli along the 5th road. You can get to Tervasentaipale easily by driving along the road number 5.

    Google Maps may be guiding that you would be in the destination about 100 meters earlier than you should be. Don’t worry – just drive slowly just a little bit further and you will arrive to the hosts house.